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Little Dog in the Big City

City of Miami Parks welcomes social, friendly, non-aggressive dogs to most of our parks, provided they are on a leash and where the rules and regulations posted do not prohibited dogs. We recognize that dogs are an important part of many of our park visitors lives and we want to make sure that the experience when visiting a park is a positive one for everyone.

When visiting a park please make sure your dog stays on their leash and that you curb after your dog.

In the below park locations, dog owners are able to take their dogs and let them off leash as they are designated dog park areas. This means there is a fenced area for dogs only to run, play and socialize with other dogs. In these areas we ask that dog owners stay vigilant and keep an eye on their own dog’s activities and promote a positive environment by not bringing a dog who is aggressive, or a female dog in heat, to avoid any issues.

Visiting a dog park area is at an owners own risk and should an issue arise, it is recommended that an owner call the police and get any pertinent details from a dog owner should a bite, attack or aggressive dog situation occur.

For the safety of your dog and those visiting the dog park area, dogs should be up to date on their vaccines and should not be brought to the park if they are unwell.

Annually, Grapeland Water Park, holds Dog-A-Pool-Ooza, where on the last day of the swim season, dogs are invited to visit the park and swim. Generally this occurs in October or November each year. Visit our Grapeland Water Park page for the current year’s date.

Dog Park Locations:

Blanche Park
3045 Shipping Avenue

Kennedy Park
2400 S. Bayshore Drive

Legion Park
6447 NE 7 Avenue

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