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Plymouth Congregational Church

Plymouth Congregational Church – 3429 Devon Road, Coconut Grove, Miami

Plymouth Congregational Church is located at the corner of Devon Road and Main Highway in Coconut Grove. The one story Mission Revival style stone structure has a gabled tile roof and two bell towers. The church is historically significant due to its association with several of Miami’s prominent founders. Seventeen years before the building was built, Rev. Solomon G. Merrick was the church’s minister. It was his son, George Merrick, along with George Spalding, who donated the land for the church. (George Merrick also developed Coral Gables). It was designed by New York Architect Clinton MacKenzie.

From the church’s website: “Plymouth Congregational Church was built in just 14 months, from June 1916 until its completion in August 1917. Even more amazing is that it was built by one man, Felix Rebom, a Spaniard whose only tools were a hatchet, a trowel, a plumb line and a T-square. The church is patterned after an old city mission church in Mexico.

Eleven years after the church was completed, a 400-year-old, solid walnut door was located in a monastery in the Pyrenees mountains by Felix Rebom, the builder of Plymouth, and Clinton McKenzie, the church architect.” The door, with its original hardware, was installed as the main entrance to the sanctuary.

Plymouth Congregational Church is on the American Institute of Architects’ list of “Florida Architecture: 100 Years. 100 Places” and the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.


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