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Take Your Plant For a Walk Day

Plaza at the mouth of the Miami River near One Miami

Actually, it’s National Gardening Exercise Day. Yes, that is really a U.S. holiday.

National Gardening Exercise Day is celebrated each year on June 6. This is a good day to get away from your desk or out of your house, go outdoors to work in the garden and at the same time get some nice exercise.

Gardening is therapeutic, builds muscles and burns calories. Some of the gardening activities that are good for working your muscles and for burning calories include; weeding, digging, spading, planting, pruning, mowing, raking and walking.

Many of us do not realize the amount of good exercise that we can get while working outside in the garden. It involves a lot of walking back and forth as well as bending up and down along with other things. Being outside in the fresh air and sunshine are also an added benefit.

Enjoy your day in the garden!

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