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  1. Succinct and snappy article, yet so important. Readers interested learning more about the BPD’s dirty underbelly should websearch “Clean UP BPPA.”Wonderful article, very informative and nicely written !I know this article is entitled “Say NO to spec work”, not “how to employ an artist” but the thrust of it is “businesses should employ artists and pay them”.So do you have any advice for artists that’s less flippant than “get a job that pays money”?Do you have any advice for businesses on how to recruit or contract artists that’s less facetious than “spam a hundred of them on tumblr”?And is there any way to make recruiting artists in a professional way more attractive to everyone than offering up spec work like competitions?Where is the authors name who wrote this article?[George, do you want to send the author a thank you note for raising some important questions concerning Cytodyn and loserlimab? If so, just post your thanks in a comment. – Editor]

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