Miami Daily Photo Melanie Dawn © 2015 . All rights reserved.

Fly’s Eye

Buckminster Fuller’s “Fly’s Eye” dome at Pérez Art Museum Miami

“As a concept, the “Fly’s Eye” represents one of the last utopian expressions in Fuller’s lifelong quest to create an autonomous dwelling machine, a “high-performance shelter” to help solve the world’s housing needs, one that could be cheaply mass-produced in a factory and delivered to building sites anywhere in the world by helicopter. Its load-bearing shell was made up of Y-shaped “saddles” from molded fiberglass. The bulging, lens-like portholes — hence the “Fly’s Eye” name — were originally intended to support energy gathering devices, solar collectors or wind turbines. “There is no energy crisis, only a crisis of ignorance,” said Fuller…” ~~ Alastair Gordon, Miami Herald

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