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National Hug Day – Daniel Pontet & Eduardo Balerdi

Artist Daniel Pontet and Musician Eduardo Balerdi hug following their Impulse Art performance at the Miami River Art Fair

Impulse Art’ is a live performance where the rhythm of music inspires artist Daniel Pontet to paint with his feet and hands.

“Since I began my live performances -20 years ago- where music leads to my art, I realized that I was limited by the use of hands and brushes in following the rhythms. I wanted to feel the music… and paint that inspiration…

That’s when -3 years ago- I came up with the crazy idea of using my feet – without the usual artist’s tools and all the boundaries they represented. The advantages my natural interaction with the music and the dynamic it helped create suddenly dawned on me. I felt my feet dancing on the surface and a special energy flowing with the musical notes and rhythms.” ~~ Daniel Pontet

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  1. They were hugging in Paris today, too.

  2. They were hugging in Paris today, too.

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