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A Taste of Cuba

City Daily Photo February Theme: If you had to leave forever the city from which you usually post, what would you miss most?

Many years ago, I briefly moved to Utah and that is when I discovered what I missed most about Miami: Cuban food!  I craved La Carreta’s pork chops with yellow rice, Exquisito’s Vaca Frita with Mojo, croquetitas, pastelitos, Sergio’s churrasco with chimichurri sauce, and of course, Cuban coffee.


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  1. Kay

    Out west here we have Mexican food, which is great (and which I’d miss). The more I learn about Cuban, the hungrier I get. It sounds great!

  2. oh for sure I enjoy pork chops with yellow rice too. Yummier. Great choice for your theme.

    Plus all my friends go to Cuba for holidays.

    The beach and the food and friendliness..

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