Mural from Primary Project's "Words Travel Fast" series - Wish U Were Here © 2015 . All rights reserved.

Wish U Were Here

WORDS TRAVEL FAST – Primary Projects 15 NE 39 ST, Downtown Miami

WORDS TRAVEL FAST (WTF) is a new public arts initiative curated by PRIMARY in collaboration with Miami World Center in Downtown Miami that explores the relationship between text, visual art and geography. WTF’s mission is to challenge visual artists who don’t typically work with language to translate their craft, themes, and obsessions into the written word.

For the first incarnation of WTF, ten artists were supplied with the opportunity to deliver a personal message to the inhabitants of the Magic City under a basic set of rules: “12 words or less, 2 colors, bold clean type. Nothing but text, avoiding religion and politics.” In the completion of the project, we find a fresh identity applied to the neighborhood and wordplay runs free for viewers to interpret as they desire

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