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Miami’s First Physician

Dr. James M. Jackson was the first resident physician in Miami, arriving a few months before the city was incorporated. From 1905 – when he had the structure built – until 1916, Dr. Jackson maintained his office and surgery here. He later helped found the Miami City Hospital. When Dr. Jackson passed away in 1924, the Miami City Commission renamed Miami City Hospital the “James M. Jackson Memorial Hospital” in his honor.

Dr. Jackson’s surgery was relocated to its present location at 190 SE 12 Terrace in Brickell in 1916. On February 24, 1975, the structure was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, and is an excellent example of a Neo-Classical style architecture adapted to Miami’s climate. The building now houses the offices of the Dade Heritage Trust, and maintains a collection of historic medical devices which is open to the public.

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