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2016 Best Nine on Instagram

City Daily Photo’s January 1st theme is to choose our favorite photo of 2016. I decided to let Instagram’s 2016 Best Nine collage maker choose for me. A few are definitely NOT on my own “favorite” list (I’m not a selfie fan); but I think my Instagram followers have chosen well with “Archway detail at the Shoreland Arcade, 122 NE 1 Street, Downtown Miami” as their #1 favorite.

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  1. I love that arch! Happy New Year!

  2. Bob

    So pick your best fruit from the tropical tree! I do like a Tesla. Happy New Year.

  3. I like the first two in the bottom row best. I’m not sure what the animal getting into the flowers is — a mink, a weasel? Love the snail sculpture.

    • He’s a ferret (related to both the weasel and the mink, so good eye!). I love the snail sculpture, too. It is a fountain located in the organic gardens of the MDC culinary school. Happy New Year!

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