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United States Post Office & Courthouse

United States Post Office & Courthouse, 100-118 Northeast 1st Avenue, Downtown Miami

The historic United States Post Office & Courthouse building in downtown Miami was the first major federal facility to be built in Miami. Built between 1912 – 1914, the three-story structure has a neo-classical facade and “classically-inspired architectural details” but “the building’s Spanish tile roof and wide overhanging eaves are adapted for the local climate”.

Added to the National Register of Historic Places: January 4, 1989
NRHP Reference Number: 88002962

The Postal Service celebrates an anniversary [on] July 1 when the former Post Office Department changed to the United States Postal Service. The Post Office Department became an independent establishment of the executive branch of the U.S. government on that date. A postal career service was established and political appointments to Postal Service jobs were prohibited, a framework that still stands today.

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