Night vigil; group standing at fence looking at the Homestead Detention Center which is brightly lit in the background. One man wears a sign on his back: a photo of the Statue of Liberty with her head in her hands in shame and the words: When will this end? © 2020 . All rights reserved.

Power to Make Change

Lights for Liberty (A Vigil to End Human Detention Camps) | Homestead Detention Center, Miami | July 12, 2019

If our experience has taught us anything, it is that sustained efforts by everyday people really do have the power to make change.

Kristin Kumpf

The 3,000 children detained at Homestead Detention Center are gone, and this private prison facility has lost it’s federal contract. Most of the children were placed with their sponsors and family, as they should have been in the first place. The rest were moved to smaller, state-licensed facilities that are better monitored. The question still remains, however: When will this end?

For more information and what you can do to stay involved:

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